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Does anybody know anything about the "Priced Out" campaign for  
affordable housing, which staged a demonstration against Gordon Brown  
at Brighton on May 13. I suspect that it may be advocates of  
limitless capitalist development masquerading as a grass roots  
campaign for affordable housing — and that it may not be a million  
miles from the Living Marxism nexus.

The reasons I have for suspecting this are:
(i) It supports the Barker proposals  for reforming the planning  
system, and (conditionally) REITS.
(ii) It is very anonymous (when you click on "Who We Are" it doesn't  
tell you who "we" are). No names anywhere.
(iii) It is supported by the network, who gave a  
presentation at the Brighton demo. Audacity have links with LM,  
spiked etc

Any further info gratefully received, though I will ask audacity  
themselves as I'm up at their do this weekend — into  the lions den  
I'm afraid. 



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