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YES Simon ....

you are perfectly right  !

This campaign  is capitalist "in action" >  for sure they are too busy to
march with the excluded...

Sun June 3
probably: join meeting of excluded (Euro-Marches)
Precarious of every country, let’s march to Heiligendamm near Rostock!

join Action day on 'Global Agriculture & G8'

MON June 4
11 pm in Camp Rostock, Camping-07,de/

SQUATTERS, TENANTS, HOMELESS organizing international solidarity
housing rights violations, forced evictions, "slum" cleansing,
gentrification/ghettoization of popular neighbourhoods, SLUMLORDS,
squats, informal settlements...

Agreed: Knut, Witten; Martin Bochum; Vesna, Zurich;
Asked: Rabial, Colcota; Ana, Santiago;

Communication with parallel NAHT confrence in Washington, D.C.
There may be action we will support by reactions in Rostsock and media.

Join the MIGRATION action

TUE. June 5,
ca. 12 -16 in Camp Reddelich,de/

with HIC wg globalization.
Exchange on future plans regarding globalization and privatisation and
campaigning. Also, preparation of next days’ workshops.

Rabial, Colcota; Ana, Santiago; Vesna, Zurich; Wade, New Orleans;

This day in Rostock rather free from action. Some people will arrive

5 p.m.
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> Hi
> Does anybody know anything about the "Priced Out" campaign for  
> affordable housing, which staged a demonstration against Gordon Brown  
> at Brighton on May 13. I suspect that it may be advocates of  
> limitless capitalist development masquerading as a grass roots  
> campaign for affordable housing  and that it may not be a million  
> miles from the Living Marxism nexus.
> The reasons I have for suspecting this are:
> (i) It supports the Barker proposals  for reforming the planning  
> system, and (conditionally) REITS.
> (ii) It is very anonymous (when you click on "Who We Are" it doesn't  
> tell you who "we" are). No names anywhere.
> (iii) It is supported by the network, who gave a  
> presentation at the Brighton demo. Audacity have links with LM,  
> spiked etc
> Any further info gratefully received, though I will ask audacity  
> themselves as I'm up at their do this weekend  into  the lions den  
> I'm afraid.
> 117/Default.aspx
> cheers
> Simon
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