[diggers350] Planning? What planning?

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hi check this out - let me know what you think

About Art for Lands Sake

Land isn't cheep - its priceless ! 
and its going for a song these days!
Download your favourite songs...
and Land Roots will turn it into Land !
Land Roots - Space for Life ! 
'Art for Lands Sake' is a Myspace music shop
designed to raise money to buy permaculture land with 
Land Roots 
the Co-operative Land Action Network. 
A wildlife corridor for Human Beings!
It works like this...

Bands and Musicians are invited to offer a song/s to be marketed on this Myspace. 
Original music only please - unless its copyleft.

Over time - this could add up to thousands of songs from great bands and musicians from all over the world !

The songs will be rotated weekly - with a message sent to all our space friends when they change - offering you great new songs to download! 

Music lovers everywhere will download the freely given songs for 50p each and ALL the money goes to buy permaculture Land - its beautifully simple! 

We've partnered up with 'All4Artists' who will host all the donated songs on their 'Art For Land's Sake' page. Go visit it here to view all the donated songs - AfLs at All for Artists 
This is where you come in!
We are looking for musicians and artists the world over who are willing to donate a song to Art for Lands Sake. As well as getting your song heard, joining part of a growing community and getting some handsome plaudits from ourselves, you will be able to come to the Art-for-Lands-Sake musical gathering and enjoy the land that you helped buy! How can you resist that offer? 

If you wish to donate a song all you have to do is get in touch. Either send us a message here in the land of Myspace or e-mail Art-for-lands-sake at hotmail.com and we'll guide you through the rest of the process. Have a look at the band members section to see who have pledged their songs so far --> 
We're offering you sustainable music at your fingertips! 
The Green Revolution that YOU can easily be a part of! 
Its Permaculture in Action!
This life ain't a rehearsal - its the real thing ! 
So go for it - send us one of your best songs! 
What will the Land be used for?
The Land will be used along permaculture principles to plant native trees, grow good food for a veg box scheme and increase biodiversity.

We aim to have a small sustainable community based on the land, they will be the hub for all the activities that take place there.

We will hold music gatherings, craft workshops, arts events, set up a recording studio and much more.

Land Roots is about realizing the power that we have
believing in our ability to create positive change
and taking action !
Have a look at this map
When Land Roots did our launch event and consultation in Nottingham - we had this map on the wall and offered people red dots saying - 

'Where would you like to co-own Land?'

The majority of people put their stickers around the area where they live 
we expect this to be a pattern
it makes a lot of sense really
less miles to travel = less carbon footprint 
we can grow food there 
and have a veg box scheme to feed the Land Roots clan 

We aim to buy the first piece of Land Roots land in Middle England 
(geographically - not politically)

However - this is a repeatable process - we wanna see locally owned permaculture plots springing up all over the country - so - if you wanna set up a Land Roots clan for buying land in your area - get in touch ! 
Get Involved!
We have listed some of the ways you can get involved on this website. If you've got any other ideas please get in touch. We need artists, designers, entertainers, pragmatists, activists, theorists, leaders, henchmen, advisors, etc, etc... you get the picture! In summation, if you're interested in this project and you want to get involved then don't hesitate in contacting us, the limits of this community are boundless! 

Land bought by the people for the people
and protected through common ownership
and good stewardship
for all to enjoy 

Special call to all local bands and Musos...
Watch out for Land Roots local clan events where you can come and strut your stuff !
We - the local creative community - have the power to make a difference in our own backyard and raise money for our own local gathering land ! 

"You may never know what results come of your action, 
but if you do nothing there will be no result"
Mahatma Ghandi

Any ideas how we could improve this myspace? Please drop us a line. 

happy day, Sharon Pollitt x

>From: "Joan Lawson" <joan.lawson at virgin.net>
>To: <diggers350 at yahoogroups.com>
>Subject: [diggers350] Planning? What planning?
>Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 06:36:59 +0100
>Just to let you know about the total farse being acted out in North 
>A combination of the ROC system, (off shore) companies with an eye on the 
>bottom line, a tiny borough council with no planners and a few farmers so 
>used to chasing silly subsidies that they have forgotten how to recognise a 
>really bad deal when they see one - all adding up to lots of money for the 
>See The Newcastle Journal and www.moorsydeactiongroup.org.uk

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