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Mon May 21 18:22:31 BST 2007

Dear subscribers
when i saw the mail below and clicked on the link it led
me to an anti wind farm site or at least for Northumberland.

Does TLIO have a poisition on this?
For me I think wind power is important and we need more of it , however I 
dont want to see it to in the hands of large companies, rather at community 
level as part of a decentralised power grid.. enough scale to be 'feasible' 
(they are often futile to have just 1 on a house) but not huge installations 
if they disrupt ecology etc (as appears to be the case on Lewis). Could be a 
good subject for the Land magazine.

But the links below did seem a a bit to lead to the usual suspects... 
quoting from Savills and fretting about house prices!


With thanks

Andrew Pratt
07980 602088

>From: "Joan Lawson" <joan.lawson at>
>To: <diggers350 at>
>Subject: [diggers350] Planning? What planning?
>Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 06:36:59 +0100
>Just to let you know about the total farse being acted out in North 
>A combination of the ROC system, (off shore) companies with an eye on the 
>bottom line, a tiny borough council with no planners and a few farmers so 
>used to chasing silly subsidies that they have forgotten how to recognise a 
>really bad deal when they see one - all adding up to lots of money for the 
>See The Newcastle Journal and

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