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Yes,  one of the windfarms was at Lynemouth, north of Newcastle,where  
I worked on the sea coal in the 1980s. The objectors very reasonably  
pointed out that the coal mines and Alcan aluminium factory,now shut  
down,  though not owned by the community, at least provided jobs,  
whereas the wind gennies bring the community nothing except a new  
kind of pollution. Our position is surely that wind power, since its  
environmental impact is mainly local,  should be owned by and  
providing for local people, and decisions about its scale should be  
made by them — not by a commission of experts sanctioned by Monday's  
White Paper.


On 21 May 2007, at 18:22, Andrew Pratt wrote:

> Dear subscribers
> when i saw the mail below and clicked on the link it led
> me to an anti wind farm site or at least for Northumberland.
> Does TLIO have a poisition on this?
> For me I think wind power is important and we need more of it ,  
> however I
> dont want to see it to in the hands of large companies, rather at  
> community
> level as part of a decentralised power grid.. enough scale to be  
> 'feasible'
> (they are often futile to have just 1 on a house) but not huge  
> installations
> if they disrupt ecology etc (as appears to be the case on Lewis).  
> Could be a
> good subject for the Land magazine.
> But the links below did seem a a bit to lead to the usual suspects...
> quoting from Savills and fretting about house prices!
> Thanks
> Andy
> With thanks
> Andrew Pratt
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> >Just to let you know about the total farse being acted out in North
> >Northumberland.
> >
> >A combination of the ROC system, (off shore) companies with an eye  
> on the
> >bottom line, a tiny borough council with no planners and a few  
> farmers so
> >used to chasing silly subsidies that they have forgotten how to  
> recognise a
> >really bad deal when they see one - all adding up to lots of money  
> for the
> >lawyers!
> >
> >See The Newcastle Journal and www.moorsydeactiongroup.org.uk
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