Red Pepper looking for quick article on planning proposals

Stuart Hodkinson s.n.hodkinson at
Thu May 24 12:35:31 BST 2007

Hi all

Very recently, I edited a special issue on housing privatisation and
regeneration / gentrification in Red Pepper magazine.

Alas, it is not currently available online but that will soon be

The magazine is keen to keep the critical spotlight on all issues to do
with housing, regeneration, and planning.

In that vein, is there anyone out there who can write an article on the
planned changes to the planning system?

If so, please get back to me asap - the deadline for writers is 31 May!

Payment = a free subscription to the magazine (they are broke).

Best wishes


Dr Stuart Hodkinson
Research Fellow
ESRC Autonomous Geographies Research Project
School of Geography
University of Leeds

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