Ungdomshuset squat - nearly 450 arrests

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Activists in Denmark have attempted to squat a replacement for the
occupied social centre Ungdomshuset which was evicted over six months
ago. On Saturday 6th, thousands of people took to the streets of
Copenhagen following a co-ordinated day of action, which was met with
heavy police repression, resulting with a total of 436 arrests
according to Danish mainstream media. Later in the evening, the G13
press group issued an statement declaring an end to the day's
succesful action.

Timeline of events | Photo Galleries: [1][2]

Background History Of The Ungdomshuset Social Centre

"The building was completed on 12 November 1897, with the name
"Folkets Hus" (The People's House). The house functioned as one of the
resorts for the then-incipient labour movement of Copenhagen. Since
labour organisations were unpopular in the eyes of the authorities,
and reprisals were often carried out against them, the organisations
had to build their own headquarters — Folkets Hus was the fourth of
these to be built. The roots of several demonstrations and meetings
were planted in Folkets Hus, and as a result it was strongly linked to
the great demonstration against unemployment in 1918 when workers
stormed the Danish Stock Exchange (Børsen). In 1910, The Second
International held an International Women's conference at the house,
during which Clara Zetkin launched the idea of an International
Women's Day. Lenin and Rosa Luxemburg visited the centre."

For more background history see the Ungdomshuset Wikipedia page.

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