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An unsuspected player in THE POLITICS OF HOUSING       For building a house you not only need materials like bricks, mortar and land but also a motive.
The reasoning behind the  design of the  UK's disfunctional  housing market  is Gordon Brown's motive to resist the £ being dragged into the euro system. He's a victim,  not a crook as I thought.
EXPLANATION         The £  is constantly under attack from other currencies.
This allows the US administration through the Federal Bank and through currency speculators like George Soros, to threaten the £ and with it Britain's trade and independence. It only took a war- chest of £10billion for Soros to destabilise the £  in 1992. In 1956 the US 'pulled the plug' on Suez via the vulnerable £.  Since 1997 Rising House prices has given  Brown a £565bn shield.
This vulnerability explained Britain's kow towing to US foreign policy in Suez, Kuwait, Israel, Iraq, & Afghanistan.  "International trade and diplomacy is a continuation of war by any other means."
Britain is also under threat from the euro.  (It was under threat from the yen until the Japanese banking crash of the 1990's )The European cosh is the German/ French axis which set up the EEC before Britain joined in1973 and has set the agenda since ; which established the euro in 2002 and which seeks to dominate all europe via a supra national european government.  The aim is to bring Britain down to size, capture her foreign trade and  £contributions to CAP to French farmers. The EU constitution  is the latest manifestation of  this goal.   Successive British governments have opposed this, always unsuccessfully.
        This struggle splits Tories & Labour, helped replace Thatcher and drive Major out of office .
The chief (Labour) defence against this has been Gordon Brown's monetary policy.  His five economic tests is a delaying strategy to control the terms and so resist entry to the ECB and the euro zone. Europe is a predatory political construct (not essentially economic) of ambitious men - all politics is  predatory, see  Christopher Booker's 'The Great Deception.' This bizarre european  dimension to the British housing market is set out at length in the foreword to the Barker's Review of Housing.  The language is opaque but the message is clear. 
       The main French aim is to achieve French political stability by buying off 4 million French farmers by coralling  Germany's and Britain's £billion  net contributions to  CAP.
Brown's  chief defensive weapon is growth in house prices.
Inflation is  internationally punished by a run on any currency whose value is falling. High 'I' is formally banned under  european conventions following Maastricht ( even for the £ outside  the euro zone) It also  sets in train an internal  wage price spiral  which unions exploit. 'Secret' house price inflation allows Gordon Brown to keep the £ afloat  in a vibrant national economy when houseowners borrow (£565bn ) against apparent rising house 'values'  to spend in the High Street, so UK defies the  poorly performing economies of France and Germany and the rest of Europe within the euro zone. Omitting h-p inflation from the Consumer Price Index hides it.
Countering these considerations is important in forrmulating a housing policy which meets the needs of people for home making. At present it principally meets the needs of Brown for  sterlng independence, the feel good factor, the needs of the housebuilders for profits and the needs of the City for finance through housing debt.     THEIR GAME IS CALLED  HOUSING MONOPOLY  .                  Sitting round THE HOUSING MONOPOLY TABLE  in London 
                taking the credit, getting paid in real money, issuing fake credit notes,   
and cramming all the squares with high priced houses of  ever decreasing size, are -
 Chancellor   keep in office, grow the economy, keep Britain independent,spread feel good factor 
 Gov of BoE Independent £, stable exchange rate, economic growth, inflation "below 3% " (CPI) 
 EU Central Bank promote the euro, destroy the $ and £, control  Britain within eurozone & ERM.  
 City    keep London  world finance centre. Keep £, use rising housing debt as industry's finance  
 landowners.pocket £1m per acre windfall, monopolise development land, increase land  value   
 builders,  build landbanks, restrict houses, keep h-p high, restrict competition,, inflate land value
 mortgage lenders  double £500bn mortgage income in 7 & repayments in 25years, double associated fees, insurance premiums…, & enrich  predatory brokers, transform building societies to banks, grow estate agents, vertically integrate; feed  property consultants and  property press.
Punters- are vulnerable home-makers who  play to rules which, they don’t know which  are set by corporations. Punters  pay the price but  would prefer accessible house prices in a stable market  The next generation despair. Both groups are victims of an extremely socially divisive  housing policy. Once the motives are exposed housing can be restructured  to meet home-makers' needs.                    James

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