scrapped windfall tax

james armstrong james36armstrong at
Mon Oct 15 19:20:07 BST 2007

Barker reccommendation no 26 was "govt to use tax measures to capture  some of the windfall gain."  what we are talking about is perhaps a tax on this £1bn annual windfall, mostly on housebuilders landbanks. paid for by new-house buyers at about £60,000 unnecessary increase in the  price of a new house.  The recent announcement by  yvette cooper included scrappng this  idea and perhaps substituting a roof tax 'as in Milton Keynes.' there was an enigmatic statement that this was after consultation withthe industry. I hope to find out by F of I questions if needed who consulted whom and what they said. no one asked me .Did yvette ask you?  Does anyone have info or want to follow this up? james  _________________________________________________________________
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