'Estate agents' offer empty homes for squatrers

Gerrard Winstanley news at tlio.org.uk
Tue Apr 29 01:33:31 BST 2008

'Estate agents' offer empty homes for squat

Last updated at 01:47am on 27th April 2008

lots of pictures here

At first glance, they are the sort of glossy particulars you would
find in the window of any estate agent's.

But, on closer inspection, most of the properties on offer 'boast'
some rather unusual features - such as boarded-up windows, possession
orders and no front-door entrance.

The homes are being offered by Squatters Estate Agents, which has set
up a 'shop' in a derelict warehouse near the gleaming office buildings
of the City of London. 

The new service is advertised on anti-capitalist websites and
prospective 'tenants' are directed to the premises - squatted, of
course - in the Shoreditch area of the capital.

A reporter from this newspaper met James, an 'agent' in his late 20s,
wearing jeans, a T- shirt and several days' stubble, who guided us
through the details of dozens of ' available properties' on printed
sheets produced using a digital camera and a computer.

He explained that the service was free and designed to guide others
like him into new digs. 


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