Court Case Victory for Red Factory squatters

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Tue Apr 29 17:10:39 BST 2008

Court Case Victory for the Red Factory
Portland Square squat gets reprieve in Bristol County Court.

See pictures of the squat and squatters here

Bristol squatters were in Greyfriars court this 
morning to oppose the granting of an Interim 
Posession Order (IPO) against the occupiers of 
the Red Factory squat in Portland Square. If 
granted, residents would have had to leave within 
24 hours or face criminal proceedings. Marcus 
Leigh, a representative of multinational property 
developer Askon estates failed to name a date 
when he knew the building had been squatted. He 
is required to do this under the provisions of 
the 1997 Criminal Justice Act (CJA) - an infamous 
piece of legislation bought in at the end of John 
Major's Conservative government.

The Red Factory is a large squat at the junction 
of Cave Street and Portland Square in St. Pauls, 
Bristol. Occupied in the middle of January 2008 
by a pioneering group of squatters who braved 
pigeon dust, damp and absence of all services, it 
has become home to a dozen homeless people and 
holds regular community events including a 
cinema. The building has been tidied up, painted 
and made habitable by people who would otherwise 
have been sleeping on Bristol's streets.

With a controversial open door policy the Red 
Factory has been, at times, a difficult squat to 
run but has taken into account the concerns of 
neighbours including the Perion Centre next door.

The Red Factory collective are committed to 
running the building as a community enterprise as 
recommended in the St. Pauls neighbourhood plan. 
They have contacted Askon to see if they can 
secure the building for community use and have 
made a substantial financial offer .

If Askon had won today's case the building would 
become empty and lain derelict, as it has for 
more than twenty years. Despite taking ownership 
around the year 2000 Askon have done next to 
nothing with the building. With the onset of the 
current property price crash it seems unlikely 
they could sell it quickly, particularly because 
the building is grade two listed and would need up to £1m to restore.

Bristol Housing Action Movement is making an 
appeal for suport for the Red Factory, both 
financially and in any practical way possible. We 
believe the squatters may face another court 
case, and welcome any support. Contact Ben from 
Bham on 07833 100399 or by email at housingaction at

The Pierian Centre :
A space for conferences, meetings and celebrations of all shapes and sizes.
Located in Grade 1-listed Portland Square, the 
Centre is an oasis of calm right in the heart of 
Bristol. Within easy reach of the M32, the City 
Centre and Temple Meads railway station, we have 
ample parking right here in the Square. You can 
book a room for your own event - and also browse 
the range of open events and activities on offer.

Askon Estates (UK) Limited
16 St Stephens Street
Tel : 0117-925-4570
Fax : 0117-922-6816

Revived in 1984, Bristol Housing Action (BHAM) is 
a non-heirarchical collective of sqatters and 
their supporters. We help provide housing and 
other support for homeless people.
We are committed to the opening of community 
spaces and to solidarity with existing social 
centres.We campaign against the privatisation of 
public land and housing and for the defence of public space.
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Contact Ben from Bham on 07833 100399 or by email at housingaction at

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