Nonviolence for a change, training 2009

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Sun Dec 14 22:35:00 GMT 2008

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> Nonviolence for a Change: Training 2009

> From January to December 2009 Turning the Tide will offer monthly
> workshops in nonviolent methods and practices. The workshops are aimed at
> people who have experience working with others on social change issues.
> You can participate as a member of the year-group (committing to the
> whole course) or as a one-day participant only coming to those workshops
> which interest you.

> Spaces are limited and prior booking essential. People interested in
> joining the full year-long course should be in touch by 14 December. Full
> course £250 (periodic payment options available), one-day workshop £25.
> Concessions available for both full course and one-day workshops. Don't
> let price prevent you from coming, ask about our discounted workshop
> fees. Friends House, Euston, London. Venue is wheelchair accessible. For
> more details see our website or email
> denised at or stevew at phone 020 7663 1061/1064. 

> Dates and themes of monthly workshops
> 10 January, Nonviolence: a dangerous idea
> 14 February, Playing with power 1: understanding the system
> 14 March, Playing with power 2: changing the system
> April 18, Campaigners do it together! How we can make change
> May 15, 16, 17, Is everybody happy? Tools for effective group work
> (year-group only, not open to one-day participants)
> June 13, Don't just sit there! Exploring direct action
> July 11, D-I-Y day: self-organised by group
> August – no session
> September 12, The living revolution: building the alternative
> Oct 10, Inner and outer: spirituality and activism
> Nov 13, 14, 15, We can do that! Empowerment for social change (year-group
> only, not open to one-day participants)
> Dec 12, Celebrating nonviolence

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