LID and 'alternative' living

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You could try:


"Low Impact Development: The Future in our hands." Edited by Jenny
Pickerill and Larch Maxey


And <>  and links


Also Permaculture magazine


Ecovillage Network subscribe to ecovillageuk at


Subscribe to the diggers list diggers350 at


Also, I have a paper due out soon see attached



Dr. Larch Maxey

Swansea University/Prifysgol Abertawe

L.Maxey at <>




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To: Maxey L.; Halfacree K.H.
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I was wondering whether you could point me in the direction of any
literature specifically on Low Impact Development, alternative living,


Thanks a lot.




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Yes, you could look at Coed Hills  (do websearch) or


 Coed Marros (do websearch)

Coed Marros Ltd 



Ms Caz Phillips - Secretary 07956435094





Menter Felin Uchaf 


Pwllheli LL53 8HS
 Phone/Ffon Dafydd at the Mill Project on 01758 780280  or home 01758
Email/Ebost: info at <mailto:info at> 




 Cae mabon

Contact Mr Eric Maddern,  eric at <> 

Phone 01286 871542     Mobile 07789 810115




Also, there is a growing literature on this which I can point you
towards, L



Dr. Larch Maxey

Swansea University/Prifysgol Abertawe

L.Maxey at




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Hi Catherine


Like the sound of this!  Well done...


I would say that your key task now is to find that case study; have a
trawl through Diggers and Dreamers, investigate Brithdir Mawr on the
internet (probably not a good case study
as they have been studied a lot), look at the links at, especially


Do you want to add anything Larch? :-)


cheers, keith




From: OWENS C.R. (443711) 
Sent: 12 February 2008 12:07
To: Halfacree K.H.




For my dissertation I am proposing to look into LID's witht the
intention of answering questions such as:


*  What measures are being taken to reduce ecological footprints within
the Low Impact Development settlement and does this provide a practical
way of living? 

*  To what extent has the LID scheme and its residents been accepted by
the surrounding Welsh community? 

*  Have the sustainable ways of living adopted by the residents of the
LID settlement diffused into the surrounding communities?

I want to research a LID in Wales which has been estalished and 'up and
running' for some time.

Do you have any particular reccommendations?


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