pre-Christmas call for Letters/ e-mails of Support for Lammas Low Impact Development

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Tue Dec 16 17:52:54 GMT 2008

Apologies for cross points, please distribute widely

Lammas, a volunteer-run co-operative promoting Low Impact Development
has recently lodged an application for 9 eco-smallholdings in
Pembrokeshire, Wales.

The Groups says:-

This is our last go at achieving planning permission through
Pembrokeshire's Low-Impact Development Policy 52. Even a brief letter
would help us hugely in our endeavour to make this a reality. Help us
demonstrate that there is support from all over the country and around
the world for this project. Let's create a viable, visible precedent!

Please write to:
Planning Department
Pembrokeshire County Council
1B County Hall
SA61 1TP

Include the following planning reference in your letter: 08/0962/PA 

And simply indicate your support for the project. If you are able to add
your reasons for supporting the project, please do. Don't forget to
include your full name and postal address. 

Hard copy in the form of letters has quite an impact on the Planners,
and in the likelihood of an appeal, on the Planning Inspectorate, but if
all you have time for is email then you can compose it as follows:

To: planningenquiries at
Cc: ayres at
Subject: Registering Support for 08/0962/PA

Message: I would like to register my support for the Lammas project.....

Yours sincerely,

You are of course welcome to add any extra comments about why you think
it's a good thing. Cc'ing us in will mean that we can keep track of how
many supporting letters we have (they have been 'lost' in the past). If
you can email document files of hard copy letters, while not absolutely
necessary, that would be helpful, as well.

If you know anyone else who would be inclined to support us then please
let them know. 

All letters need to be received by Christmas Eve - 24th December 2008



Dr. Larch Maxey

Swansea University/Prifysgol Abertawe

L.Maxey at


Coming Soon! "Low Impact Development: The Future in our hands." Edited
by Jenny Pickerill and Larch Maxey <>



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