Practical Utopias and Utopian Practices - Nottingham Uni, 23rd Feb

Mark mark at
Thu Jan 17 16:04:28 GMT 2008

Practical Utopias and Utopian Practices
Utopian Values: 23rd February 2008 - University of Nottingham


This seminar will seek to explore ways that people try to instill utopian
values into their daily lives, as well as critical accounts of factors
that shape our values.

Where do values come from? How do environments shape and reflect values?
What is wrong with ‘dominant’ value systems and how might they be different?
How do people realize and practise utopian values?
Can utopian values exist only inside utopian spaces?
What happens when utopian values are practiced in mainstream
How is value dissent and change handled within utopian communities?
How are utopian values reproduced and sustained over time?
Do utopian values impact on wider (non-utopian) social practices?

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