Translated: Occupation of the District council of l' Ile de France

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Occupation of the District council of l' Ile de France Tuesday July 8,
2008, by Federation DAL Paris 70 families
occupied the Council Regional d' Ile de France by solidarity with the
14 families without home.

Following l' regional occupation of the seat of the Council a
delegation was received by Mr Jean-Luc Laurent, Vice chair District


Monday July 6, Jean-Luc Laurent, vice-president of the district
council in charge of housing, received a delegation of l' association
Right with Housing (DAL) arrival to express with the seat of the
district council. The participants carried out an exchange on its
dramatic consequence and housing shortage. The delegation blaming l'
together public authorities, M.Laurent pointed out l' voluntarist
intervention of the district council, apart from any legal competence,
to build new social housing.

Concerning the individual situation several families on whom l'
attention of the district council was drawn:

M.Laurent decided to approach to the prefect of Paris and the general
presidents of council for qu' an closer examination of the situation
of fourteen homeless person families takes place which are registered
like applicants of housing.

M.Laurent challenges l' State on the situation of the occupants d' a
building, court of the Valleys, in the XXème district of Paris, in
particular concerning the need for rehousing l' before; expulsion
people found priority within the framework of law DALO.

Lastly, M.Laurent recalls to l' State the capacities which the law as
regards right to housing and of requisition gives him.

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