Wembley Teachers 'Flash Camp' against School Privatisation

Mark mark at tlio.org.uk
Fri Jul 11 10:51:47 BST 2008

As an extension of the Tent City Campaign, teachers opposed to the
proposed School Academy in Wembley North West London began Flash Camping,
which entailed squatting various areas around the Brent borough to make a
highly visible protest to highlight the campaign to halt the privatisation
of state education, and to meet the public on a face-to-face basis and get
their views on the issue.

Needless to say, most seemed to oppose private business gaining control of
the education system.

The following short video documents when Flash Camping came to Brent Town
Hall in Wembley, London, bringing the protest right to the doorstep of the
councillors, those considered corrupt and bought off by the business-heads
intent on taking control of the UK education system:

Tuesday 3 June 2008, Brent Town Hall, London, NW9 - in a noisy meeting
filled with members of the public opposed to the project, Brent council
members approved the planning application for Ark child charity private
Wembley Academy school.

A short video about this has been posted on YouTube:

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