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Response from Jill Armstrong - in support of  promoting the provision of sites within and adjacent ecotowns for self build houses and for community supported agriculture (CSA) via Community Farms. (see James Armstrong's response dated 17th June 2008) Summary Policies preventing crime are more socially desirable and cost effective than those addressing post crime 'fall out'. Self build housing provision and CSA via Community Farms produce valuable outcomes in their own sphere but also contribute to social co-hesion which can only tend to remove the causes of crime. The cost of crime include:Policing, Court system, Prison system, Health service, distress to victim, to offenders, to victim's family, to offender's family, rehabilitation of victim and of offender.  damage to property. To access potential demand for self build and CSA I recommend the roll out of eco towns on a wider national scale. Promoting a vibrant self build main stream housing sector can improve access to good housing at lower costs.  Bad housing and housing at non accessible cost and rent contribute to the failure of home making. The employment associated with self build and CSA and the outcomes, together with the incentive supplied by access to self build have a potentially valuable role increasing social inclusiveness and cohesion thus cutting crime and the cost of crime and helping communities living a greener and rosier future. Jill Armstrong, 22 Harveys Terrace, Fordington, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 1LE30th June 2008

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