Squatting event, London,11-13 April

Mark mark at tlio.org.uk
Fri Mar 21 15:02:08 GMT 2008

Space is The Place: Sidestepping The Property Ladder, 11-13 April London

This is a one-off event in a new venue which will form part of the April
days of international action in support of autonomous spaces

A weekend-long social centre in London in an occupied space to coincide
with the Europe-wide days of action in defence of free spaces and for an
anti-capitalist popular culture.

The themes for Space Is the Place event will be: the current housing
crisis affecting the most disadvantaged, the appropriation of public space
by big business through privatisation and speculation (PFIs etc), the
sell-off of council housing, the Olympics in 2012 and the ruin of the Lea
Valley at the tax-payers' expense, social centres, squats & free spaces,
the mismanagement of land and its ownership by the wealthy elite...

We will be including: an open access art-space to be themed as above,
discussions and skill-sharing to bring people together and share ideas on
how we can solve the problems we face, info-station for DIY action, films,
photography, music and cafe.

If you are engaged in struggle relating to land, housing, poverty etc -
whether a group or individual - please contact us.

We are looking for artists, alternative DIY enthusiasts, building crew etc
to make this event successful.

To contribute: housingmatters at hushmail.com

Private enterprise owns and runs nearly all of the places where we live
and work. Social centres provide much needed public space for people to
meet outside of the over-priced and controlled business ventures that make
up our leisure options.

Social centres are run by and for the local community, and are not
affiliated to political parties etc. We can meet to exchange skills and
experiences, enjoy good food and a cuppa.

Squatting puts empty buildings into use and returns public space to all of

Advisory Service For Squatters

56A Infoshop - Home to Squatters Practical Network, London and large squat
archive... Twice monthly.

Friday Evening: gallery open, cafe, social meetup.

Saturday (day): Stalls from ASS and others, vegan cafe, film, cups of tea
and plots.

Saturday evening: Advisory Service for Sqautters Benefit - Live music from
Headjam, The Skints, Ras Simeon Judah, Spanner (TBC). Plus cafe and films
on squatting, land and housing, DJ's Ronin, Terracore.

Sunday: You decide!

There will be a dedicated team who will be organising, curating and
installing artwork into the gallery space but this is a DIY event, so
please don’t expect all the work to be done for you. We welcome
involvement on all levels – we will need invigilantes for the gallery and
elsewhere; stewards, door staff, stall minders – and people to generally
spread the word before the event. This is a new event so it’s a good
opportunity for active and energetic people to make a fresh start with a
new group!

European Squatters April Callout

See http://www.housing-matters.org.uk/

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