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Check out this place in Spain, Marinaleda "A Utopia Towards Peace" (the local council's slogan!) in Andalucia, where they have reclaimed 1500 hectares of land from the local count and have set about building their own little utopia!

The local Mayor (who has been in power for 30 years - its been a long
struggle including 700 people going on hunger strike for 13 days, trapping
the Spanish president in a local village, 25 days of government building
occupation in Seville, sabotaging the Counts farm machinery and most
importantly occupying his land -  describes capitalism as "A thieving and
terrorist system. Thieving because it is based on expropriation and
exploitation and terrorist because it uses violence to maintain the
privileges of the few"

They have full employment and have self built over 300 houses and are
building 120 more. And lots more!


I'm off to do more research

Big smiles,


Josef Davies-Coates
07974 88 88 95
Together We Have Everything

Josef Davies-Coates
07974 88 88 95
Together We Have Everything
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