Holyrood slams Donald Trump's golf call-in

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Holyrood slams Trump golf call-in
by Susanna Gillman, PlanningResource, 17 March 2008
Ref: http://ecm.hbpl.co.uk/re?l=evxxeqI45fgwfuI0

Scottish first minister Alex Salmond has come under fire for his conduct
in his government's handling of Donald Trump's £1 billion golf resort

The report published by the Holyrood Local Government and Communities
Committee follows an inquiry into the call-in process for the proposed
development at the Menie Estate near Balmedie.

It criticises Salmond’s conduct saying it was “extremely unwise” of him to
facilitate a meeting between Mackinnon and Trump representatives.

It states: “Far from taking a precautionary approach, the first minister
was cavalier in  his actions and displayed, at  best, exceptionally poor
judgement and a worrying lack of awareness about the consequences of his

The committee also raised concerns over the call-indecision being taken in
two five minute phone calls.

It also found the decision making processes of finance and sustainable
growth secretary John Swinney on such a controversial application “lacking
in a sufficient audit trail and consideration of the issues at hand”.

Committee convener Duncan McNeil said: “The committee considers that the
actions of the Scottish Government in relation to this application have
been driven by their reaction to a decision properly taken by
Aberdeenshire Council rather than good planning reasons.”

A Scottish Government spokesman said ministers were pleased that the
committee concluded that ministers and officials acted in accordance with
planning laws when issuing the decision to call in the application.

The scheme is now set to go to a public inquiry.

To read the committee’s report click here:

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