[diggers350] Planning row - Taunton bungalow demolished today

louisa louisa866 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Nov 25 23:47:29 GMT 2008

Sorry, don't know how come this went offlist to Simon!

This was my initial reaction too, but I did some more digging and
discovered that the Gosbees also had planning permission for a barn
conversion on the land which they foolishly allowed to expire. I think
it would have been more humane and proportionate to either allow them to
renew the permission on the barn so that they could move into it and
then demolish the bungalow, or be pragmatic and take the view that since
the barn conversion didn't go ahead, the bungalow could stay.


Simon Fairlie wrote:
> I think its a bit out of order to call the planners "anonymous  
> faceless zombies" when there  is no evidence , other than the  
> complaints from  the people evicted, that the planners have done  
> anything out of order.
> If there is a condition requiring the Gosbee's to demolish the first  
> house, in exchange for the new one,  then they have made a  
> speculative profit by selling off the new permission and staying in  
> the original one,  and it is quite correct for the planners to  
> require its demolition. What else are they supposed to do? Allow this  
> kind of  speculation to continue, and be copied by other people?
> It is entirely possible that the Gosbee's have been messed around by  
> the council — it certainly  does happen that councils force  
> demolitions for unjustifiable reasons— but there is no evidence  
> presented here to show that that is what has happened.

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