self build for eco towns

james armstrong james36army at
Sun Oct 12 14:11:41 BST 2008

Following my recommendation to  the Eco Towns initiative, to  set aside 10% of sites in proposed eco towns for self build , 
would you please draw  to the attention of teh eco-towns group the Key Recommendation… 1.23 of the newly published OFT Homebuilding Survey  of September 2008,
"With a view to maximising output we would  recommend  that local authorities should consider the possibility that group self build  could  deliver a healthy proportion of new housing" ….. OFT1020 p 11
"Currently  self build is the largest single supplier of new homes in the UK…."     OFT1020r  page 23
(an estimated 16,000 units p.a. (OFT) compare Wimpey output (2002)  13,480    Barker I R  p 62) ..JA   

James Armstrong, Dorchester 


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