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> Just a nagging reminder to put your vote where your mouth, brain or 
> heart is and choose an Option and make your voice COUNT!
> In case you havent read them all, the options are online at
> www.stonehengeconsultation.org, click on public consultation booklet,
> then on 'have your say' at top of site, then on Environmental
> Improvements Feedback Form.
> Its been suggested that there are a couple of items missing from
> Option 3a which seem to be favoured by many, and these are 'viewing
> platform' - from up the hill behind, and the other is 'museum' for
> display material.
> Please pass on out there, time is on the wing, many thanks and
> blessings, may something happen soon, no more talking, just some action!
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> Please be dignified and polite as befits the subject.
> (George Firsoff) R.I.P.

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