USA: Blackwater Contracted to Evict People in Foreclosed Homes

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Wed Oct 15 02:35:50 BST 2008

Blackwater Contracted to Evict People in Foreclosed Homes

Sources have just confirmed that mortgage loan companies are
contracting with Blackwater Worldwide to assist in the eviction of
people still living in foreclosed homes. Though Blackwater Worldwide
has not yet confirmed this, we have several reports of Blackwater
contractors stealthily lurking through Chicago in full military
fatigues with camouflaged furniture dollies and armored moving

But there is a serious side to it. Private Mercenary Company
Blackwater are presently contracted to help the US civil police with
helicopter searches etc. Where will it end??

Sheriff: Man shot as he walked out of his home to go to work
Posted: Oct 14, 2008 04:19 PM
CAMDEN CO., N.C. ( -- Law enforcement personnel from 3
jurisdictions, with an assist from personnel and equipment from
Blackwater, searched a rural area in the county Tuesday morning for a
suspect they say shot a county resident as he walked out his house to
go to work.
A spokesperson for the Camden County Sheriff's Office tells
that they received a call at 5:39 a.m. in reference to a shooting
Camden Deputies found 45-year-old Frank Crank, suffering from a
gunshot wound. Authorities say he was shot as he exited his home for work.
Crank was flown by Nightingale to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital
where he is listed in stable condition with non life threatening injuries.
K-9 units from Elizabeth City Police and the Currituck Co. Sheriff's
Office responded. Blackwater was called to assist in the search with a

"I never intended to be a musician.  I wanted to be a journalist."
Seeger explained.  However, at young age Pete was paid to sing at an
event and he decided it was pretty good money for the amount of work
involved.  One of his trusty favorite banjos has Pete's motto of good
cheer stenciled on the face announcing the banjo will "surround hate
and force it to surrender."  The famous civil rights song "We Shall
Overcome" was first popularized by Seeger who introduced his version
of an old hymn to Martin Luther King.
"I fell in love with the old songs that people knew.  They had heard
their grandmother sing some old song and I realized it was the sense
of participation that was so important.  So much of modern life you
just sit back and you receive.  TV is the extreme example of it and
you receive a lot of fat.  You are being poisoned by thinking that
life is just what you see on that screen."
"I think we have a fifty-fifty chance of there being a human race here
in a hundred years
.But I tell people each one of us has a little
grain of sand and if we throw our grains of sand in the right place,
who knows.  This is also the message of Dr, Seuss, the great writer
and illustrator.  Lot of little things, millions of little things is
what will save this world."
"Just because some terrible things worldwide obviously need to be
faced up to, I am more optimistic.  The Agricultural Revolution took
thousands of years.  The Industrial Revolution took hundreds of years.
 The Information Revolution is only taking decades--who knows, who knows!"
"I tell people don't give up, God only knows what the future is going
to be, but if you get in there and do something, you may be surprised.
 I honestly believe that this world can be saved by the people being
active themselves, working with each other. Nobody knows all the
answers, but maybe together if we get a handful of people together and
talk we will find out something we can do.  This needs to be done."

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