Letter to Beeb on CERN

Simon Fairlie chapter7 at tlio.org.uk
Wed Sep 10 23:15:16 BST 2008

Dear Feedback

I have not listened to all the BBC's widely publicized coverage about  
the CERN Hadron Collider, but  I  have been tuning into Radio 4   
throughout the day in the hope of hearing an articulate critique of  
the project.

Perhaps I have been unlucky, but all I have heard is reports puffing  
it up. Several times your reporters have made comments on the lines "  
the doomsayers have been proved wrong",  without any reference to  
whom these alleged doomsayers were, let alone giving them a right to  
reply. On the 10 o clock news you interviewed two people both of whom  
appeared to share the view that objectors to the  project were  
chiliastic cranks.

There are plenty of rational objections to the CERN project,  many   
of which can be summed up as follows:

(a) the CERN project will not reveal to us the mysteries the  
universe,   in which case it is a very expensive way of keeping  
physicists amused;
(b) it will reveal to us the mysteries of the universe, in which case  
it will put the reins of creation in the hands of scientists and  
corporations , when it would be far safer to leave them in the hands  
of "God";
(c) sooner or later, it will blow us all to oblivion.

If you did  happen to broadcast a critique on these lines, perhaps  
you could repeat some of it  it on Feedback, so that those of us who  
missed it can hear it. If you didn't could we have more impartial  
coverage in future, please?

Simon Fairlie

The Potato Store, Flaxdrayton Farm,
S. Petherton, Somerset TA 13 5LR

01460 249204

PS I hope it is alright to post this on the diggers site. I n my view  
it's a land issue because it is about the control of creation by an  
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