Invitation for Consultation : Our Next Milestone after Janadesh Foot March

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Wed Sep 24 22:58:04 BST 2008

Some news from India, after the Janadesh foot march last year... 

The campaign has three specific demands around land reform. These are:

    * Establishment of a National Land Authority to provide a clear 
statement of land utilization in India, identify the lands available for 
redistribution and strengthen pro-poor laws
    * Establishment of fast track courts to settle past and future 
conflicts related to land
    * Establishment of a single window system so that farmers can 
resolve easily and freely the land issues, without wasting time, money 
and energy

> _Invitation for Consultation _
> _Our Next milestone After Janadesh 2007_
> Dear Friend
> Janadesh 2007, witnessed the historic foot march. The movement had 
> some positives impact. Mainstreaming of the land rights has been a 
> major one. Policy shift in not only recognizing the rights of the 
> marginalized landless but also making a beginning of the policy level 
> changes by constituting “National Land Reform Council” and “Committee 
> on State Agrarian Relations and the Unfinished Task in Land Reforms’. 
> Implementation of Forest Rights Act was another positive step taken by 
> the government.
> Janadesh had deep impact on the Satyagrahis (Participants of 
> Janadesh). It boosted their morale and they became confident of 
> leading, initiating communities to solve their problems.
> Since October 2007, dialogue process with the Central and States 
> government is going on regularly to ensure the land and livelihood 
> rights. Now in October 2008 where do we stand? This question naturally 
> comes to all of us. It is necessary to review the whole process and 
> response from the government after the Janadesh, therefore one day 
> consultation and a public rally is proposed to be organized at Gwalior 
> on October 18-19, 2008. Public rally will be organized on the day of 
> Martyr of Janadesh. Representative from deprived community who are 
> struggling for their livelihood, social activists, intellectuals, 
> politicians and journalists will participate in this program.
> Janadesh was an important milestone. You all have been very supportive 
> to the efforts of the Janadesh. Many of you organized programmes in 
> solidarity last year. It would be indeed good idea if people 
> supporting janadesh process also Ekta Parishad network and NGOs from 
> the other are also participating.
> We therefore formally invite for this important meeting. Mutual 
> sharing of experiences can help in building our own country strategy 
> for mobilizing people for non-violence and peace.
> With warms regards
> P.V.Rajgopal
> *Vijay Bharatiya*
> *Mobile 094277-00762*

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