Senior British Muslim Censored by the BBC begs for 7/7 enquiry

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a little off topic but I hope people will indulge me this.
His idead on money I can't fault. 
Better than any Land Tax it seems to me.

Senior British Muslim Censored by the BBC begs for 7/7 enquiry

Tony Gosling | 24.09.2008 22:49 | SOCPA | Anti-racism | Indymedia |
Terror War | Birmingham | World
Okay, here is the full 45 minute version of this incredible interview.
A welcome antidote to the current racist BBC blitz of fake terror
trials. I decided to do this interview last week so that everyone
could hear what Dr Naseem, one of the most senior Muslim clerics in
Britain, has to say. After all the BBC refused to transmit the
interview they had done with him for the Conspiracy Files documentary
due to be transmitted this month then shelved. Now we know, from
watching this, that censorship was all part of the racist and bloody
war effort to keep Dr. Naseem and his 1500 moderate Muslim worshippers
who do not believe the official 7/7 story out of the public and
British political consciousness.

Dr Mohammad Naseem - chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque
Dr Mohammad Naseem - chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque

This 45 minute interview was conducted after Friday Prayers on 19th
September 2008. Apologies for the crash editing. Please save and share.

In this interview with Dr Mohammad Naseem, Chairman of Birmingham
Central Mosque Tony Gosling asks him about all aspects of the
post-9/11 and post 7/7 Muslim experience in Britain. We hear how most
Muslims do not believe the official story of the London Bombings and
Dr. Naseem's calls for a free and open public enquiry into the day's
bomb attacks.
Dr Naseem's experience of what he sees as pseudo-Islamic organisations
'Hizb ut-Tahrir' and 'Al-Muhajiroun' is discussed at length.

He links these 'Muslim' fringe groups to Western Intelligence agencies
and describes their members as 'untouchables', either witting or
unwitting servants of Western military interests. He discusses Koranic
justification for allowing Christians and others into the Mosque and
his dealings with the boss of Al Muhajiroun, Omar Bakri, now in
Lebanon as well as the so-called 'mad mullah' Abu Hamza.

Dr Naseem takes us through various scrapes with death he has
experienced including being held, in his surgery, at gunpoint by a
gang who didn't seem to want to steal anything, and were being
controlled remotely by someone on a mobile phone.
He talks about the way intelligence agencies recruit weak-minded
people only to set them up as terrorist 'patsies', or dupes.
We also hear of good community relations in Birmingham as well as a
Fatwah which has been issued against any killing of civilians by
Muslims, or anyone else for that matter. And that the real target of
the 'Muslim terror' threat is the taking away of the Majority
Community, native British people's, civil liberties.
Finally we hear Dr Naseem's damning take on the Credit Crunch and hear
why it is so important that we have an enquiry into the London
Bombings of 2005.

first 7 minutes is here

Tony Gosling
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 AUDIO files - British Muslim Leader begs for 7/7 London Bombings Enquiry

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British Muslim Leader, Dr Naseem, begs for 7/7 London Bombings Enquiry
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British Muslim Leader begs for 7/7 London Bombings Enquiry

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