bigger landbanks less houses

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>From Nick Mathiason, Guardian 26th Aug, 09
“Persimmon yesterday became the first major housebuilder to increase the  value of its huge landbank in a significant moment that could mark  the end of the two year housing crisis.
The country’s largest quoted housebuilder boosted its bottom line by #28m. by saying its land bank of 64,387 plots  has now risen in value.  Last year Persimmon  wrote down the  value of its land bank by #680m
Persimmon is now in the market to buy land having reduced debt to #494m. from #905m.  this time last year.  
Farley (Persimmon’s chief executive) predicted just 80,000 homes will be built in England and Wales this year  representing a low not seen since the second world wear.   The housebuilding industry  has dramatically cut output in a move that has helped  stem the fall in houseprices  and protected their margins.”
Quote from page 9, Barker Review of Housing Supply ,Interim Report 2004, 
“Regional Planning Guidance for England  indicates that nearly 155,000 houses per annum should be built….” 
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