EastEnders spin-off show sees new characters living in a squat

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Tue Dec 1 23:13:30 GMT 2009

EastEnders spin-off show sees new characters living in a squat

By Nicola Methven 25/11/2009 

The four characters in EastEnders' online spin-off E20 will be living in a SQUAT.

Teenagers Fat Boy, Mercy, Leon and Shirley's niece Zsa Zsa are all running away from family issues and decide to stick together in Albert Square.

Fatboy invents person as to conceal his real self, Leon is a boxer with an alcoholic father, Mercy is hiding a secret from her strict Nigerian grandmother and Zsa Zsa is a troubled tomboy.

The quartet are played by "noisy and fun" newcomers and their antics will launch via the BBC website in the New Year.

Expect a few familiar faces to pop up online, too...


BBC reveal unknown cast of EastEnders online soap spin-off E20
By Daily Mail - 25th November 2009
Four relative unknowns have been cast in BBC's upcoming EastEnders internet spin-off soap E20.
The TV newcomers will play four troubled teenagers who end up living together in a Walford squat.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1230887/BBC-reveal-unknown-cast-EastEnders-online-spin-E20.html#ixzz0YTv7FRMS

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