Vestas IoW wind power factory occupied

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>Vestas Factory Occupied against closure and job losses.
>Save Vestas - Defend Jobs, Save the Planet - Support the Occupation
>Workers at the Vestas Wind Turbine factory on 
>the Isle of Wight have JUST NOW occupied their 
>factory. They are fighting for 600 jobs and the 
>future of the planet. They need help now.
>There is a large picket of support starting 
>outside the factory. This will be crucial in 
>giving people confidence inside. We want hundreds of people by morning.
>If you are not working, come now, by car, bus or train.
>If you are on the South Coast and working, come 
>for the night and go to work exhausted and proud.
>If you can’t come, call up friends and offer 
>to pay the fare or petrol money for someone else 
>to come down. Or part of the fare.
>Don’t just call the environmental and union 
>activists you know. Call your friends and ask 
>them who they know. Call your brother’s 
>friends or your children’s friends. Text 
>everyone. Get your friends calling and texting.
>The workers want Gordon Brown to step in as if 
>it was a troubled bank and save the jobs and 
>keep making wind turbine blades. They gave the 
>bankers trillions. They say they care about 
>climate change. He has talked about creating 
>40,000 "Green Jobs", the first step should be protecting these 600.
>The workers will need solidarity - donations of 
>money, food and other assistance. In the first 
>instance please send messages of solidarity to 
><>savevestas at
>We will suggest other forms of solidarity soon. 
>Do this now. Reach for your phone.
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