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Ex-President Jimmy Carter identified  and deprecated the admixture of religion in U.S. government policy.  Ex- Secretary of State Madeleine Albright exposed the expansionist settlement plans behind the current Israeli land grab. Magnus Magnusson, archaeologist and one time Rector of Edinburgh University says, of Moses, “outside the bible there is no evidence for his existence”  nor “mention  in the voluminous records in Egypt , no proof, no contemporary evidence that the bondage or the Deliverance (the Exodus of the Israeli people from Egypt to the ‘Promised Land’) ever happened at all as particular , identifiable  episodes in history.” *
       Dame Kathleen  Kenyon, the British archaeologist  1952-1958 could find no evidence of Joshua at Jericho.  Her  conclusion is that Jericho  (”...when the trumpets sounded..the wall collapsed....,”) like Ai, (“..And Joshua burnt Ai and made it a heap for ever”) ,  must have been a ruin at the time of the Israeli conquest , if that is rightly dated  to the end of the late Bronze age.
However she did find evidence that Israel, during the short period under the kingship of David and Solomon (circa 1050 to 930BCE), extended by conquest into an area some four times the size of the present, still expanding, Israel, into territory which is now in Gaza, Lebanon, Syria (including Damascus), Jordan,  and northern Saudi Arabia –including lands north, east and south of the Jordan river, known  in the biblical  text, as  Aram,  Ammon, Moab and Edom.    
       The only politicians  who apparently read the Old Hebrew Writings (OHW) are Israelis. Christian apologists who use the honorific ‘Children of Israel,’ lack objectivity. History teachers should  take the OHW with a pinch of salt. Students of foreign  policy would do well to read them carefully to help understand  the background to the long term  expansionist plans of Israel, a national  state of people of Jewish faith, and  to anticipate the extent of the next Israeli land-grab. Madeleine Albright made a careful choice for the  title of  her book, “ The Mighty and the Almighty”; for his,  Jimmy Carter chose “Faith and Freedom”.  
*  Magnus Magnusson, “BC, The Archaeology of the Bible Lands” 
 James A.

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