Remembering a fearless reporter of CIA's political crimes

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Remembering US film-maker Allan Francovich who, from 1975 to 1997, relentlessly exposed the political crimes of the CIA and the White House.

Inside the CIA, On Company Business (1980)
BBC Timewatch, Operation Gladio (NATO's Secret Armies) (1992)
The Maltese Double Cross (Lockerbie) (1995)

Interviews with Allan

Allan had grown up in the Andes. His father worked for Cerro de Pasco, the U.S. mining firm in Peru, and Allen felt so connected with the mineworkers' kids, with their misery and really with all the poverty and squalor of the high Sierra. He had this incredible passion for social justice.
Exposing the evil. John Pilger described Francovich's films as "extraordinary" political documentary films, with particular praise for The Maltese Double Cross - which "destroyed the official truth that Libya was responsible".

In three programmes shown over consecutive weeks in BBC2's Timewatch strand, Allan Francovich interviewed key Gladio players such as Propaganda Due head, Licio Gelli, Italian neofascist and terrorist Vincenzo Vinciguerra, Venetian judge Felice Casson, Italian Gladio commander General Gerardo Serravale, Belgian Senator Roger Lallemand, Belgian gendarme Martial Lekue and former CIA director William Colby.

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