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The proposal below is to be discussed at the  P not W meeting on Wednesday in London.

My first thoughts are that  the case to the Iraq enquiry is,  the  demo is evidence that democracy is not working, and that the invasion of Iraq is the disastrous proof.

Maybe the best way to make the point is to submit  written evidence  and ask also to give evidence to the  enquiry in person (employ an advocate?) and  turn up in numbers on the  day as a smaller representation of the  1 million demo.  Its relevant to  the land issue - in Iraq, and also  in UK as effective democracy is the only prospect  to bring about change 

to the inequitable land system in UK. 




Goodwishes  for your meeting on Wednesday.
To-day is a very important for our  non democracy.
The official Iraq enquiry has started.
(dont hold your breath)
"750,000" (Police),"1 million" (BBC)" 2 million" (anti war organisers), on Sunday 16th Feb, 2003 , marched in London and also in Glasgow ,and Belfast, against the  incipient Iraq invasion.   
I am bringing this  to the attention of the enquiry , with the point that 
it is relevant evidence that should be consdered. into the legitimacy and the   democratic credentials of theUK government. 
It is relevant in connection with the  later invasion, that for  ' the biggest ever demonstration in London" (Police statement ) and therefore important in a democracy , there was, and is ,  no constitutional arrangement to feed this unprecedented expression of the voice of the people. 
Offensive overseas war is the  extreme defining characteristic of the legitimacy of  statehood and with no  means of representing the people's`voice on the Iraq war issue, the legitimacy of constitutional government as at present constituted in UK is questioned.
Could you find an opportunity to  raise this view at the meeting? 
James, Dorchester.
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> Subject: [Campaignforrealdemocracy] This Wed Reminder 

> Just a quick reminder:
> This Wednesday 25th November from 6pm
> Campaign for Real Democracy meeting & presentation
> 1 Richmond Road
> Dalston Hackney E8
> Draft Agenda - pls suggest any other items
> - Local Reports
> - Future meetings with PnW / others
> - Egality Now
> - Dec 2nd CRD with 21st Century Network
> - Dec 15th CRD stall at House of Commons event
> - Proposed Feb meeting with Community Sector Coalition
> - Report/discuss 2010 direct action election campaign
> - Leaflet Distribution
> -------------
> Wed meeting kindly hosted by Peace not War and Passing Clouds:
> "Discussions and friendliness from 6pm, Campaign for Real Democracy
> presentation/meeting at 7:30, "Money as Debt" presentation at 8:30.
> Great musicians and performers from 9pm. Brandy hot chocolate! Mulled
> wine (and spiced alcohol-free punch). Delicious vegan food.
> The Campaign for Real Democracy (CRD) aims at encouraging
> 1. local democracy cells to form in every neighbourhood
> 2. consensus based democratic decision making
> 3. a movement under one banner and a transformed culture
> Free entry before 9.30pm - £2 after.
> All proceeds to Solar Aid
> Please can CRD people and others interested be there to take leaflets
> for distribution, help out with event (and therefore, team building
> for future events) and to generally show a face to each other
> Cheers
> Mark

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