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We are squatters from the Netherlands. We are 
asking you to organize a protest (for example by 
dutch embassy) in your country against squatting 
prohibition in the Netherlands. We suggest to 
organize your protests between 26 and 28 of 
November, because Eerste Kamer (First Chamber of 
dutch parliament) will vote about squatting 
prohibition beginnig of December.To all the 
people who are against squatting prohibition,
to all the squatters,
to all ex-squatters,
to all young people who would like to become squatters in the future,
to all the friends of the squatters,
to all political activists,
to all antifascist activists,
to all artists who create art and/or perform in the squats,
to all bandmembers and DJ's that play in the squats,
to all people who enjoy parties and concerts in the squats,
to all travellers who visit and stay in the squats,
to all of you who are not mentioned above.

As you probably might know dark days are coming 
for the squatting movement in the Netherlands. On 
15.10.2009 the Tweede Kamer (Second Chamber of 
the dutch parliament) voted for a squatting 
prohibition. Please remember this would not have 
happened without the support of racist and 
xenophobic politicians as Rita Verdonk and Geert 
Wilders. >From 1st January 2010 squatting can be 
illegal in the Netherlands. Beginning of December 
Eerste Kamer (First Chamber of the dutch 
parliament) will discuss and vote about squatting 
prohibition. If First Chamber of the dutch 
parliament approve this law, persons that try to 
occupy an empty building, will be considered a 
criminal and punished by dutch authorities. 
Penalties are very high and range from one year up to two years of prison!

This is very serious threat! Don't let 
politicians destroy squatting movement in the 
Netherlands! We can't wait! We must act now!

The future of the dutch squatting movement is in 
our hands. It is a big responsibility as well. We 
should show respect to those previous squatting 
generations who made squatting possible in the 
Netherlands. They sacrified a lot of time and 
energy for us. We should think about all the 
youth who would like to have the possibility to live in squats in the future.

Mass media and politicians say that we are few, 
but our spirit is stronger then this rotten and 
unhumane law that politicians have created! We 
are willing to show politicians and police forces 
our determination in the defence of our rights 
for housing. There is lack of cheap houses in the 
Netherlands. For example in Amsterdam price of 
renting one room range from 300 till 550 euros a month!

Mass media and politicains say that we are 
violent, but those christians from CDU (Christian 
Democratic Party), CU (Christian Union) and SGP 
(Orthodox Protestant Party) are violent. For them 
empty buildings are more important than human 
beings searching for a house. Those christians 
decided that police will come to arrest us, if we 
try to occupy a house after 31st December 2009.

We are proud of who we are and we are willing to 
defend our rights to occupy empty buildings. We 
won't give up without struggle! Some of you 
remember those proud and angry youth from 
Kopenhagen who were fighting for Ungdomshuset and 
dignity. Some of you probably have joined the 
struggle. If will be necessary, we are willing to 
bring the spirit of youth from Denmark and Greece to our streets!

Politicians did not leave us another choice! From 
1st January we have to choose between being 
homeless or criminals. This choice is not 
suitable for us! We won't live on the streets or 
in the prison! We are human beings and we deserve respect!

There is few hundreds squats in the Netherlands. 
We can't afford to lose this enormous 
infrastructure! There are houses, autonomous 
centers, places for cultural activities. In all 
those buildings we live and/or practice and 
promote our political ideas. We use that space to 
promote independent art and underground counter 
culture in opposition to mainstream pop culture and art.

Let us be a bit sentimental. For many of us to be 
a squatter is way of life. A lot of us spent the 
best times living in the squats. We had 
unforgettable adventures together. We have plenty 
of invaluable experiences, like living in 
self-organized communities or housing 
collectives. Many of us met their best friends in 
the squats. Yet another reasons to struggle against squatting prohibition.

Don't ignore serious threats for squatting 
movement in the Netherlands! Use your 
imagination, open your eyes, stand up and act!

Our struggle is for a world without capitalism, 
race and gender differences, poverty and war!

We are going to be very thankful for all your 
support. Solidarity is our weapon!

You can write your complaint to Eerste Kamer, e-mail address:
<mailto:postbus at eerstekamer.nl>postbus at eerstekamer.nl.

"Spirit of the unity" collective.
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