Fabius and War not Peace

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Thu Nov 26 19:05:54 GMT 2009

Some one  million people demonstrated against the expected Iraq invasion in 2003..

The government did not listen.

To my knowledge, I have heard of no comparable demonstration FOR the war.

Before or since.  So the score is one million to none - pretty decisive.


Secondly the one million demonstrated peacefully.

(There were some minor public order breaches , but London Bridge did not fall down.)


Thirdly, the  demonstration was organised for a SUNDAY    ????


Consider, The Roman general Fabius' tactics of replacing  mass engagement with   hit and run. 


How would Fabius organise a demo?


On a Monday!  10,000 peaceful demonstrators could achieve what one million could not on a Sunday.  Fabius would also hold in reserve 10,000 to demo on Tuesday , and 10,000 to demo on Wednesday .......


The demonstrators would not carry banners so be anonymous but at the fixed hour sit down and stop the traffic.

 The police and politicians would be given advanced notice and a statement of the aims, and time to respond, perhaps even to muster a demo of support .


So we achieve  a referendum on  stop the wars.


This would be a more effective  Stop the War campaign

and also advance the reform of direct democracy.


And where?  in Piccadilly, or Oxford Street, or London Bridge, or ..... 

 and Sauchiehall Street  and Princes Street.....                     all or any of these . unpredictable, unstopable,  


And the justification?  The voice of one million peaceful demonstrators was not heard.

The agreement of the 2003 march organisers to confine their activity to the least  disruptive day is a huge source of strength to us now. ` It showed peaceful intent. It showed co-operation with the police not confrontation.  


Yet ,there is no access for our voice into the constitutional process.


Direct peaceful action won India independence. Better stop London traffic than stop Iraqi 

Afghan and allied troops' heartbeats. 




















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