Ecolonomics No.5: "We're all planetary hospice workers now"

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The title of No.5 comes from the presentation of Alastair McIntosh to the 
Quakers "Zero Growth Economy" conference (quite a talk! I recommend you 
download the conference audio recording and have a listen --

I this edition I look at two consecutive weekends in London: one day at the 
Urban Green Fair, and the other at the "Zero Growth Economy" conference. It's 
a perusal of local currencies, urban walking, how we make change and by/for 
who, train crashes, food and carbon emissions, Rorschach-sunsets, and I give 
my impressions of the four presentations to the Z.G.E conference.

It's on-line now at:

Or download the nicely typeset PDF version from:


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"We are not for names, nor men, nor titles of Government,
nor are we for this party nor against the other but we are
for justice and mercy and truth and peace and true freedom,
that these may be exalted in our nation, and that goodness,
righteousness, meekness, temperance, peace and unity with
God, and with one another, that these things may abound."
(Edward Burroughs, 1659 - from 'Quaker Faith and Practice')

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