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2009/9/9 Dick Urban Vestbro <<mailto:dickurba at gmail.com>dickurba at gmail.com>

Dear friends,

The last 20 years have seen a growing interest in cohousing and other 
alternative forms of living, in Sweden as well as internationally. 
The search for a sense of community remains an important driving 
force behind demands for cohousing. During the last ten years new 
aspects have been added, such as housing for the "second half of 
life" and planning for more sustainable lifestyles.

Collaborative housing networks in a number of countries have taken an 
interest in the Swedish cohousing model, which is characterized by a 
strong involvement by municipal housing companies and by political 
initiatives combined with efforts from independent non-government 
organizations. The fact that these companies offer rental housing 
means that cohousing is accessible also to low-income households such 
as single parents and poor retired people.

Towards this background, the association Kollektivhus NU (Co-housing 
NOW) in collaboration with the Division of Urban and Regional Studies 
of The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) is happy to convene an 
international conference on collaborative housing, to take place in 
Stockholm 5-9 May 2010. The conference will provide a forum for 
researchers, housing companies, politicians and activists to meet and 
discuss experiences of different models of collaborative living. The 
conference is intended to give an overview of current international 
praxis and knowledge and to strengthen existing international cooperation.

For further information, see attachment. Please forward to others.

Kind regards
Dick Urban Vestbro
Professor Emeritus, KTH
Chair of Cohousing NOW

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