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Simon Fairlie chapter7 at tlio.org.uk
Fri Apr 2 00:00:38 BST 2010

This campaign is ridiculous and is based on an erroneous post-modern  
assumption that time is a human construction and adjustable, This is  
not so. Midday is when the sun reaches the apex of  its journey  
around our sky  and it occurs at a certain moment of the day in every  
place in the world. It makes sense to approxiate this to the nearest  
hour, which in our case is  Greenwch Meantime. It doesn;t make any  
sense at all to tinker with that and say that midday by the clock is  
11 o clock by the sun, it just causes confusion.

For exam[le France, whose nearest hourly approximate is Greenwich  
meantime is aready one hour ahead of what it shpuld be, whioch means  
that it is (newraly)  two hours ahead when it goes over to summer  
time. The result is that vine workers in the Sout hof France go out  
to wotrk at 8 am clock time (which by the sun is 6 am) and finissh  
the morning's work at "midday" which is in fact 10 am by the sun.  
They then have lunch, and a siesta for two hours (in order to avpid  
the worst of the heat)  and go out to work in the afternoon at 2 pm   
by the clock, which by the sun is midday the hottest part of the day.  
I did this for 10 years and belive me,  its  completey insane.

Tinkering with the clocks is a way of marginalizing people's  
relationship with the sun.  If the daylight doesn't work well for ypu  
at the mpment , then just get up earlier, don't try and pretend that  
you can alter the rhythm of of the sun.
This email was sent atmidnoght, which seems a bit late, but  
thankfully  it's on;y 11 pm.



Simon Fairlie
Monkton Wyld Court
01297 561359
chapter7 at tlio.org.uk

On 30 Mar 2010, at 13:58, Andrew Pratt wrote:

> Please let people know about this campaign to switch the clocks  
> forward to get more people outside, save carbon emissions etc - the  
> way we currently live I think it makes sense
> Cheers
> http://www.lighterlater.org/
> With thanks Andrew Pratt 07980 602088
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