How Buildings Learn... one of the greatest series you've probably missed!

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I think Stewart Brand's "How Buildings Learn" series is one of the best 
environmental series that's been on TV -- unfortunately it got one screening 
in 1997 and hasn't been on the Beeb since. The best way to describe this 
series would be the "permaculture of the built environment". It's 
inspirational in it's re-conception of the various elements and economics of 
the built environment and how it can best serve human needs.

If anyone's into eco-build, watching this is an absolute must!

By accident I found that it's now turned up on Google Video -- here's the 
links (each episode is about 28 minutes):

1. Flow --

2. The Low Road --

3. Built for Change --

4. Unreal Estate --

5. The Romance of Maintenance --

6. Shearing Layers --

If you've got the right programs the ripped streams convert into adequate 
quality DVDs! Also, quite apart from the programme content, the Brian Eno 
soundtrack is a sublime reinforcement of the programme's imagery.


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