[Diggers350] Alert - New wave of evictions threatens Gypsies

Paul Mobbs mobbsey at gn.apc.org
Mon Aug 2 06:06:02 BST 2010

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On Sunday 01 August 2010 20:39:40 Tony wrote:
> New wave of evictions threatens Gypsies
> Families forced off their land and into illegal
> plots as Eric Pickles drafts tougher trespass powers for police

This measure was promised long before the election. Although the changes 
officially target 'gypsies', the anti-trespass powers for police will also be 
very effective against protest camps on land where the landowners does not give 
permission (DoT, power companies, etc.).

This is also very problematic for anyone wishing to live on their own land 
without planning permission, not just travellers. In cases where planning 
permission won't be easily won from the local dead-head planning committees, 
but where the Planning Inspectorate might be persuaded to give permission on 
appeal, this measure is really restrictive. Certainly it's a major headache 
for people trying to live on their land in a caravan or other temporary 
structure in order to establish their right to be there before they go on to 
create a proper eco-development.


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