Public consultation versus democracy?

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A Government ruse that's nothing short of an insultation: 
'Nonsultations' inviting us to have a say on big decisions are a fraud ...

Consultation- "itis" reflects a widely perceived need for improved 
feedback and public involvement in government. The whole range of public 
policy cannot be adequately debated in the pre-election period so some 
"fine-tuning" during the period between elections is called for. Better 
than top-down consultation is opportunity to take responsibility for 
some projects and proposals. Amazingly, the Tory party and Con-Libdem 
coalition have opened up a debate about improving democracy. For 
instance they propose, "we will give residents the power to instigate 
local referendums on any local issue if 5 per cent of the local 
population sign up", "We will ensure that any petition that secures 
l00,000 signatures will be eligible for formal debate in Parliament" and 
"We will give residents the power to veto excessive council tax 
increases." More detail may be found via 
and Zac Goldsmith's article

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