Climate Camp action last weekend at RBS

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Sat Aug 28 22:35:32 BST 2010

visionontv | 27 August 2010

Day of action against RBS and the fossil fuel industry: 23rd August 2010
Last year RBS were bailed out with £50 billion of 
public money. This bank is one of the world's 
largest investor in oil, gas and coal. From tar 
sands extraction in Canada to coal infrastructure 
here in the UK, we're paying to trash our future. 
These projects are not just causing catastrophic 
climate change, but destroying the lives and 
livelihoods of people across the globe. 
Meanwhile, we're told there is no money left and 
we should be braced for decades of public sectors cuts.
Ecological destruction is built into the 
mechanics of the financial system, with 
communities disenfranchised from their own 
futures. This is why, in August, people from 
across the UK will be converging to take back the power and Break the Bank!

When Push Comes to Shove
Activists storm the climate-criminal Royal Bank 
of Scotland's headquarters. In funky white suits.

plus . . . .  ..
Annie Machon is a former MI5 (British Security 
Service) Intelligence Officer and whistleblower. 
She left the Service at the same time as her 
partner, David Shayler, due to Shayler's 
disclosures about crimes committed by the 
intelligence agencies. Annie is a prominent 
member of 9/11 Truth Movement, and in 2005 she 
wrote a book called "Spies, Lies and 
Whistleblowers: MI5 and the David Shayler 
Affair". This talk is a basic overview of the 
story from her book (which she gave at the 
911Truth conference in Chicago, 2006.)

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