Transition Heathrow: ‘Grow Heathrow’ Eviction Threat!

Mark Barrett marknbarrett at
Sun Aug 29 21:30:38 BST 2010

 ‘*Grow Heathrow’ Eviction Threat!*

  The squatted community garden in Sipson, Heathrow has been served a court
summons for eviction.

On the 1st of March this year we reclaimed a neglected plot of land called
the Berkeley Nurseries in Sipson- on the planned site of the 3rd runway.

For the last six months we’ve worked with residents to rejuvanate the
former-market garden; shifting 30 tonnes of rubbish, growing seasonal food,
hosting permaculture workshops and a banquet attended by 80 people as well
as supporting the successful No Third Runway campaign.

Grow Heathrow is part of a budding land movement in the UK connecting
struggles to take back control of our food production.

In building resilient communities to environmental and economic crises we
want to defend real alternatives to the systems of false democracy and
corporate greed.

We are in negotiations with the landowners for long-term community
ownership, and so for the while we ask you to support us in the upcoming
struggle by;


   Signing our petition<>

   Email us at info at transitionheathrow.comwith a supportive testimony for
   the project

   Come to court and show your solidarity: 2ndof September in Uxbridge
   County Court<>

Please email *info at* if you have any skills, ideas or
experience to contribute in resisting this threat.

Please forward to your networks and post on your blogs.

With love,

Transition Heathrow!/group.php?gid=119919719499&ref=ts<>

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