wild elephants in the BNritish countryside

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BBC complaints

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31st  August 2010


Dear Sir,                        The missing elephant
herd  in the UK Wildlife programme-

Panorama  ,  BBC 1, 30th  August and ‘Farming Today’ Radio 4, 17 June .ad


Farmer R Law of Thrift Farm, Royston, Herts  received £238, 316.78 from Defra as cap
payments in 2009. (Source-       

>From his reported “3,000 acres”


 If this land
£millionaire did not make additional  very
substantial commercial farm income then he is a fool and  Panorama 
should not interview farming fools. .


Yet we are told if he did not receive £30,000  Defra payments  he would not be able to set aside field
margins and  leave bare crop  patches for beetles  and skylarks.


This suggests the real reason why wildlife is under threat .
In contrast, this programme  did not do


Quoting  a misleading
figure of  “£30,000” for his defra
receipts hugely underestimates this 
benefit scrounger’s handouts and misinforms the viewers. 


What plans have BBC to make a programme about  the waste every year , £3.3billion in 2009 ,  paid  to
landowners posing as ‘farmers’  by
taxpayers and the ‘food security’ propaganda , the NFU and CLA lobbies in  Westminster and Brussels,   and other institutionalized  plunder of the public  which millionaire landowners secretly extort in
U.K. ?


Examples are £1.1million (2008/9) to HM Queen for privately
owning Sandringham estate, £400,000 to Duchy of Cornwall,   £414,000 to Richard Drax,M.P.,  over £100,000 to Peter Kendall, NFU
president, £19million to Czarnikow and £91million to British Sugar, £1million
to RSPB and to lords (incl L Rothermere) , viscounts, earls, M.P.s, etc   

and not forgetting to one donkey sanctuary at Sidmouth and
to many racing stables for their gallops.


The complaint is that this BBC wildlife programme omits the expensive
and destructive herd of elephants destroying the British countryside.


Yours faithfully

James Armstrong

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