New government threats - tenants fight back

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Tue Dec 7 14:51:50 GMT 2010

Help Defend Council Housing 

  Help Defend Council Housing	

New government threats - tenants fight back
A government consultation to end our security of 
tenure, just launched, has already provoked outrage - see press.
They want to leave the choice up to councils - 
and DCH is calling on all local authorities to 
refuse to use fixed term tenancies, to reject 
means testing and higher rents, and not to evict 
due to arrears caused by new Housing Benefit 
cuts; some councils have already agreed.
We need to protest loudly and actively against 
these proposals, so organise now. The 
consultation is shortened and runs over 
Christmas, ending on 17th January 2011: tenant, 
union and community groups need to be informed 
immediately in order to respond quickly. 
Download, read and circulate our briefing

Join the next protest against the cuts and 
attacks - 15th December outside Downing Street, 
jointly organised by DCH, the Council Housing 
Group of MPs, and several other organisations, as 
'Housing Emergency'. Organise local protests if 
you can't get to London. See leaflet for details. 
We are also planning a big rally and lobby of 
Parliament in February 2011, keep an eye on the website for details.

Its worth protesting...
The government is under massive pressure to drop 
its outrageous proposals to cut housing benefit. 
Already Ministers have annouced delayed for 
existing tenants, bringing forward cuts for new 
tenants. This crude attempt at divisiveness will 
not head off growing opposition. Government 
advisors and civil servants have added further severe criticism.


Decent Homes Cash for NO votes
The government has announced money towards decent 
homes where tenants have rejected privatisation.
It's a victory for all of us who fought against 
the three privatisation options - but they need 
to increase the amount so all tenants have the 
decent homes we were promised by 2010. Full proposals here.

Rents to Rise above Inflation
The government plans to increase rents next year 
by 6.8%, which is 2.2% higher than inflation. 
They accuse us of being scroungers and layabouts 
- but then treat us as a cash cow and help 
themselves to our money! This increase will raise 
the robbery from our rents to nearly £2 billion a year.

To stop getting DCH press releases reply with UNSUBSCRIBE in subject.
For background information on the demand for the 
'Fourth Option' for council housing and who 
supports the campaign see

DCH briefing on the attacks to our security of tenure

DCH open statement against the cuts and attacks; and
list of signatories
+44 (0)7786 952037
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