our bobbies- god bless 'em!

james armstrong james36armstrong at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 12 18:24:04 GMT 2010

Aren't our friendly bobbies marvelous! We must be the  envy of the world.  Why not! We've got the mother of all parliaments after all.
Did you see the way they joshed the crowd and swapped their helmets for  the students' caps - it was hilarious. But  a bit worrying. It was quite subtle- so difficult to get over our serious point that we are against  cuts. However wasn't it good too that all the M.P.s came out to hear our story  and some of them  left their pints  half drunk at the bars and meals uneaten in the  restaurants and left the queues in  the cafe's  and stopped their meetings with the lobbyists just to hear little old us- and after all we're only joe  public. 
But I was so impressed with our bobbies! Reminded me of old  Dixon of Dock Green!
Not for them the vicious baton wielding frenchie gendarmes! or the gun toting sheriffs  of Texas- well,  one inspector did remind us all that  the security  round the royal cars are armed.  They've done the arithmentic. There only a few score royals so even  one- or  two can't be spared- but there are plenty of us, our brothers and sisters in Iraq and Afghanistan,  and  three hundred of us killed there is what you expect in order to keep us safe .  But our bobbies are not like - enemies. They are here to keep us safe! God bless 'em all.

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