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       Subject: [United Left] Fw: Join Together to Build Resistance - 12 Feb
Join Together to Build Resistance

The spirit of French & Greek style resistance has now arrived here.

Many commentators are making direct comparisons with student and worker
militancy of 1968.

There is a real possibility of co-ordinated strikes in the New Year to
defend pensions and the TUC has called a mass protest on 26 March.

As the movement develops their is a growing call for unity.

At present there are a series of national and local anti cuts initiatives.

It's crazy to think that any one group can simply declare itself 'the' body
everyone should get behind.

All of us are doing important work. But together, linked to the power of the
trade union movement, we would be so much more effective.

The Right to Work Campaign recently released an open letter calling for the
anti cuts movement to come together.

As a concrete step towards that unity the Right to Work Campaign has
proposed to open up its national conference on 12 February to other national
anti cuts organisations, local groups and trade unions.

The 12 February national conference would be organised by a committee
comprising national anti-cuts organisations, local groups and trade unions
as part of mobilising for the TUC demonstration, the week of action being
proposed by the Coalition of resistance from 14 February and in support of
the student protests over tuition fees and the abolition of EMA.

We are inviting all national and local anti cuts campaigns and trade unions
to jointly organise and run the event.

There are series of key dates in the New Year, most importantly the national
TUC demonstration on 26 March.

We need to come together and make sure that every part of our movement bends
it's back to make that day the biggest mobilisation of workers ever.

Opposition to the Tories attacks comes from many quarters. We need to unite
that opposition in order to win.

If you or your organisation would like to be involved in organising the 12
February conference please email 12febconference at gmail.com
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