Assange and B.P.

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Thu Dec 16 14:19:01 GMT 2010

Mr Julian Assange and B.P. were featured as  back to back items in to-day’s BBC 1PM Radio 4 News. 

One of them was directly involved in the deaths of eleven
oil rig workers, the  catastrophic
destruction of wildlife and of  the environment, destroying the livelihoods of fishermen
and disrupting the local economy around the Gulf of Mexico.
Yet from my window I can see their filling station  busily pumping out petrol to a queue of
customers.  The other party is in jail.

 Democracy was
invented in Athens some 2,400 years
ago as a response to a rich interest group oppressing  people.  
Daily we experience corporations abusing their  privileges, lobbying government and
oppressing people - corporations which have been created by government and
given artificial personality, human rights,   and
privileges as against real people -  of , 
wealth, size , knowledge, information and longevity.


Democracy was invented in Athens  as a means of 
curbing the privileges of interest groups.  To-day, 2,400 year later ,  there is a need for our democratic
process to evolve.  As a start I suggest
we should fix a variable and renewable termination date for each incorporated

Serial £million fines have proved an inadequate deterrent to
giant , mature multi national corporations.

To re-balance justice we 
might  consider also bringing back
the (artificial) death sentence – this time only for errant artificial corporations which grossly and
serially abuse their  privileges. Close them down.    


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