Happy Christmas

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Hello ,

I went to the local church last Sunday, there I  sang about joy- it was mildly happiness
inducing  to do so.

Then Someone spoke about 
Good spelled with one ‘o’ .

Good was  with us. 

 We prayed for  two minutes about Mrs K who had just died,
and for the good of all humanity.  I gave
some money , I don’t know for what cause, but I trust it was a  good one.  (with two ‘o’s 

Then we went next door and had a cup of tea. I spoke to
complete strangers .  There Peter  told me about democracy in Sweden.
Apparently everyone has the right to walk into a government office and ask to
read the days post.  


Jill, has been away from home for three weeks and it was
great to be amongst people .


Then later, I read about ancient Jerusalem
, Athens and Rome-
all of them  did regular prayers.

(also sacrificed animals – there  was none of that at church )


What to make  of it?

 It was good to be
among people  who all got out of bed with
something bigger and better than themselves in mind, and were clearly  happy  meeting each other. I once did that around the
village pump, and next day in the hay field  with thevillage people  baling hay . Riding on the cart behind the
horse was special.  They were not paid
but with no help- no hay- and no hay no milk from the farmer’s cows for the
village. .

See, its     easy to
bring up  bankers bonuses  in conversation. Its  more awkward 
to speak about good.  It needs
discussing .


I conclude, going to church is good. It is people meeting
together with good in mind 


Happy Christmas, James 

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